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Casualty Investigation

Article 94 of the United Nation's Convention on Laws of the Sea (UNCLOS) places responsibility on the flag state to carry out inquiry into marine casualty. Also under SOLAS regulation I/21, Load Lines Convention article 23 and MARPOL articles 8 and 12, each Administration undertakes to conduct an investigation into any casualty occurring to ships under its flag.The Indian Maritime Administration conducts Investigations and Inquires into marine casualties in accordance with Part XII of the Indian Merchant Shipping Act, 1958 (as amended).Amongst other objectives, one of the primary aims of a marine casualty investigation is to gather information that could be used to prevent future accidents. An investigation may also assist in determining what changes in the present regulations might be desirable.

Action to be taken in case of casuality incident

The DGCOM centre is a 24X7 manned DG communication centre of DG Shipping with contacts:

Tel:+912222610606,22614646, Fax:+9122 22613636.

• Report the incident to the above email ID and forward the First Information Report

Ships Owner/ Manager/ Agent/ Master may also report incident to the nearest MMD and cordinate with DG Shipping for the possible actions for limiting damage or for possible remedy.

• Also to notify the nearest Indian Coast Guard Maritime Rescue and Co-ordination Centre (MRCC) in case of Marine Casualty reported in Indian coast (Indian or Foreign Flag Ship) or

any Ship reporting Distress situations/Oil/chemical Pollution within the Indian Search and Rescue Region.

• Regular update of the incident to be send to the DGCOM center which shall be notified to DG Shipping,MRCC and Local MMD